blue nights

Anna Myers | WRITING

“During the blue nights you think the end of day will never come. As the blue nights draw to a close (and they will, and they do) you experience an actual chill, an apprehension of illness, at the moment you first notice: the blue light is going, the days are already shortening, the summer is gone...Blue nights are the opposite of the dying of the brightness, but they are also its warning.” - Joan Didion

ma destinée, cette vie

"Peut-être que ma vie sera toujours ainsi,

on doit se résigner, bon,

il y a des gens et ils sont le plus grand nombre,

il y a des gens qui passent toute leur existence là

où ils sont nés

et où sont nés avant eux leurs parents,

ils ne sont pas malheureux,

on doit se contenter,

ou du moins ils ne sont pas malheureux à cause de ça,

on ne peut pas le dire,

et c'est peut-être mon sort, ce mot-là,


ma destinée, cette vie."


When The Big One Hits


Still I dreamt of garnering all rave reviews

Just believably a little north of God's own truth

He's a national treasure now, and here's the proof

In the form of his major label debut

A little less human with each release

Closing the gap between the mask and me


So I never learned to play the lead guitar

I always more preferred the speaking parts

Besides there's always someone willing to

Fill up the spaces that I couldn't use

Nonetheless, I've been practicing my whole life

Washing dishes, playing drums, and getting by

Until I figured, if I'm here then I just might

Conceal my lack of skill here in the spotlights

Maya, the mother of illusions, a beard, and I"


-Father John Misty