happy 10th


Things I can count in the 10 years since I first heard Continuum in a rented jeep in California: times I’ve cried to the live solo in Slow Dancing; that time I set Heart of Life as an ex boyfriend’s ringtone and the months it took before I could listen to it again; number of bras I’ve seen people throw during Wonderland; months the Bold As Love speech spent on the wall above my bed; the time I chose a new name in the Old Street garden.

Things I can’t: number of times I almost got ‘where the light is’ tattooed on my wrist; 2am Why Georgia solo dance parties; beats my stupidly tender heart skips to the Gravity intro; Shadow Days runs on the hill; times I’ve thought that showing someone the lyrics to In The Blood could save me from having a lot of hard conversations; times I’ve thought that if we’re allowed more than one great love of our lives music has always been mine.

Times I’ve said ‘happy tears only’ in the last month, which is not necessarily JM related but also isn’t ~unrelated~ after all.